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Food Allergies

At International Palate, we care about you. Food allergies are a serious condition, so we want to make sure no harm comes to you. To better protect you, please inform us of any food allergies you may have. International Palate, LLC., will not be responsible for any personal damages, harm including death, caused by dishonest responses.

Do you have any food allergies?
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Create your own healthy menu. Choose your favorite s and we’ll do the rest!

STEP #1: Choose your Carbs. (As many as you like.)
STEP #2: Choose your Proteins. (As many as you like.)
STEP #4: Please your Veggies/Salads. (As many as you like.)

Minimum order for HEALTY.delivered., is 5 meal boxes or 2 food trays.


5 meal boxes: $50.00.

2 food trays: $36.00.

Tax and delivery fee not included.