HEALTHY. delivered.

Healthy options tailored to you!

HEALTHY. delivered, by International Palate, is specially designed to meet the dietary needs of your lifestyle. Fresh vegan, vegetarian or low-calorie, low-carbs, low-fat menu, tailored to your palate.

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What do you have to do?

Click the button, choose your preferences, and ¡voila! HEALTHY. delivered. takes care of the rest! Select as many options as you like, so we can create a varied-personalized menu. 

HEALTHY. delivered., delivers your customized meals to your doorstep. Ask about our delivery coverage. You can pick up your meals at a convenient halfway spot or at our establishment. (Delivery/Pick up on Mondays.)



Veggies & Salads

Choose between individual servings or trays

HEALTHY. Meal Box minimum purchase:

5 meal boxes

HEALTHY. Food Trays minimum purchase:

2 Food Trays

HEALTY. Meal Boxes

$ 49
  • 3 Carbs of choice
  • 3 Proteins of choice
  • 3 Veggies/Salads of choice

HEALTY. Food Trays

$ 35
  • Your Carb of choice
  • Your Protein of choice
  • Your Veggies/Salad of choice


Jasmine Rice with nuts | asparagus | fruits

Quinoa bowl with veggies in garlic butter

Mexican Fiesta Platter

Mashed potatoes with curry and homemade gravy + carrots, broccoli & green beans

Sautéed mushrooms pasta

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